Vaga para Senior Security Officer


The Action Contre La Faim Mozambique is hiring a Senior Security Officer, for Cabo Delgado.

Purpose of the post

Assist, advise the Field Coordinator and participate on the management of the security of people and assets.

Mission 1: Provide interpretation for the Field Co

  • Assist the Security Manager and Field Coordinator in translation during meetings (internal/external);
  • Translate documents related to security and context analyse Portuguese, English or other local language.

Mission 2: Monitor the operational aspects of employee safety on the sites

  • Supervise and coordinate the field team leaders;
  • Checking the proper application of security measures, particularly with regard to movements and deployment of teams;
  • Supervise movement follow up with Radio op or similar position;
  • Participate in the monitoring and evaluation of the dissemination and enforcement of security rules;
  • Participate in the implementation of the security plans;
  • Participate in and/or conduct safety assessments prior to team deployment;
  • Coordinate purchase requisitions and interventions with the Logistics Department regarding base security requirements;
  • Ensure the management of possible internal conflicts in collaboration with HR;
  • Ensure the training of teams and base liaison officers.

Mission 3: To collect and communicate all relevant information on the security situation

  • Collect continuously information on all aspects of security (notably through media monitoring) and consolidate the incidents database;
  • Report in detail any specific incident that may affect ACF’s security;
  • Monitor the local situation in terms of crime and the socio-political context;
  • Use available information to advice on the security of ACF operations;
  • Establish all necessary contacts, build up an information network to strengthen security and maintain contact with the various security actors on the base;
  • Brief new impact and expatriate employees on security issues in the region in partnership with the security referent, the Field Co and the CD;
  • Enlarge and dynamize focal points to never be surprised by the evolution of the zone.

Mission 4: Participate in the organization and management of the security of people and goods during field team visits

  • Ensure that safety procedures relating to the movement of persons are properly observed;
  • Ensure communication with external interlocutors during field visits;
  • Ensure the capitalization of contacts and their follow-up;
  • Make a visit report and map the different stakeholders;
  • Know how to manage a security incident on site.

Mission 5: Facilitate understanding and exchange between the organization and the communities of intervention

  • Inform ACF collaborators of cultural mechanisms and facilitate understanding of trends in armed groups;
  • Participate in explaining ACF’s activities and mandate to partners and the public;
  • Ensuring a safe link between the population and the organization;
  • Managing conflicts between an ACF team and another actor.


  • Postgraduate degree and/or solid professional experience in positions of responsibility;
  • Understanding of the context of intervention;
  • Analytical skills;
  • Good physical condition Minimum;
  • Ability to analyze a situation and to demonstrate authority;
  • Rigour and Integrity;
  • Knowledge of local languages.
  • Procedure: Candidates selected for a technical test will be contacted by email or phone.

To apply for this job email your details to recruitment@mz-actioncontrelafaim.org

Expiration date: November 30, 2022
Location: Cabo Delgado

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