Senior Logistic Officer


The Action Contre La Faim Mozambique is hiring a Senior Logistic Officer, for Cabo Delgado.

Purpose of the post

  • Manage General Resources at mission level, and contribute to security management.


Mission 1: Manage the mission’s fleet (vehicles and generators)

  • Planning vehicle movements in the field;
  • Allocate appropriate vehicles according to the established schedule;
  • Share the movement plan with the Field Coordinator, Security Focal Person and other relevant staff for movement validation;
  • Inform all departments of the daily schedule and arbitrate travel;
  • Carry out the inter-base travel schedule, distribute it and monitor vehicle movements in collaboration with the liaison officers;
  • Plan base supply loads with the Supply Manager;
  • Check that vehicles are adequately equipped for their use (first aid kits, jack, spare wheel, etc.);
  • Supervise the maintenance of the mission’s fleet of vehicles (quotation and follow-up, DA, making appointments, checking work /BL, following up on payments) ;
  • Manage the stock of spare parts, consumables and their consumption.
  • Prepare and analyse monthly fuel consumption and cost reports for each vehicle and generator in the mission;
  • Implement all the fleet management tools recommended by the ACF Log Kit;
  • Participate in the identification of garages and the setting up of framework agreements for maintenance.

Mission 2: To ensure the smooth running of the Base Supply Chain

  • Oversee the weekly requisition process;
  • Receive the PL/PR at base level, make sure all the information mentioned correctly and route the PLs to coordination
  • Ensure that all information is correctly filled in and processed according to the ACF Log Kit standards;
  • Keep the follow up with the coordination on the status of the different requests and keep different departments informed of the processing of their orders
  • Ensure that all supply chain documents are archived in accordance with Kit Log procedures.

Mission 3: Supervise storage management and inventory control

  • Ensure that stock management procedures and instructions are followed;
  • To ensure that the security of stocks and compliance with the relevant rules is maintained at all times;
  • Establish replenishment levels if necessary;
  • Controlling stock inventories (bi-annual and random) ;
  • Regularly check the storage conditions (regular cleaning, organisation, ventilation and temperature control monitored and respected);
  • Ensure that all documents match (physical inventory, stack cards, stock cards, stock report).

Mission 4: To ensure the administrative and physical management of the mission’s vehicles and any other equipment related to general resources

  • Check the labelling of equipment (vehicles, generators, motorbikes, etc.) according to the ACF procedure;
  • Formalise, monitor and update the allocation of vehicles according to the mission document;
  • Train users in vehicle operating procedures and ensure compliance;
  • Prepare the repair form and monitor the repairs;
  • Check the log books of all vehicles on the mission;
  • Check the daily and weekly vehicle tracking documents (checklist) of all vehicles on the mission;
  • Follow the validity of the administrative documents of the vehicles and archive them (insurance, legal document of the vehicle, etc.);
  • Update the weekly and monthly vehicle consumption monitoring file;
  • Report/alert any problem of overconsumption to your manager;
  • Write fuel consumption reports (vehicles and generators) ;
  • Ensure the archiving of the mission’s vehicle documents and log books, according to the ACF Log Kit.

Mission 5: Supervise the general maintenance of the premises in the capital (Offices, Guest House, etc.)

  • Supervise the buildings, their rehabilitation and maintenance necessary for the functioning of the field offices and the living environment;
  • Supervising the supply of water, cooking gas for all premises;
  • Ensuring the safety of equipment and providing assistance to users;
  • Overseeing necessary repairs to the premises, either in-house or through external contractors;
  • Maintain a secure, high quality and uninterrupted power supply to ACF structures;
  • Ensure that the field offices and the Guest houses have an adequate and secure electricity supply;
  • Ensure that all systems are protected for the safety of people and equipment;
  • Detecting and correcting power system malfunctions;
  • Maintain the electricity supply from the distribution network to the sockets and appliances.

Mission 6: Manage the General Resources team

  • Establish the work schedule of his team;
  • Delegate activities and control their proper execution;
  • Organise training courses;
  • Organise monthly meetings with the team and report to the Logistics Manager;
  • Conducting appraisal interviews ;
  • Provide technical support to the team as required;
  • Brief the drivers and staff on the organisation of the work and the safety rules, and provide them with regular updates on the safety and driving rules;
  • Drafting drivers’ mission order requests and forwarding them to the HR department.

Mission 7: Participate in the management of operational security

  • Implement safety guidelines for the vehicle and premises mission;
  • Produce safety guidelines related to the use of vehicles;
  • Ensure that vehicles and premises have adequate safety equipment;
  • Communicate with the grassroots on all issues that may impact on the movements;
  • Develop a network to obtain the most accurate and timely information on potential incidents;
  • Ensure the implementation of the mission’s security guidelines for securing buildings.


  • Secondary school certificate + 3 years of higher education and/or professional experience in logistics;
  • Previous experience of at least 2 years in similar or relevant positions;

Required skills

  • Good management skills – Good communication -Rigour – Organisational skills – Proactive attitude – Negotiation skills – Ability to work in a multidisciplinary;
  • Computer literacy: Word, Excel, PowerPoint;
  • Good level of English;
  • Excellent team management skills, good listener, high communication skills;
  • Female candidates are highly encouraged to apply for this position.
  • Procedure: Candidates selected for a technical test will be contacted by email or phone.

To apply for this job email your details to recruitment@mz-actioncontrelafaim.org
Expiration date: December 2, 2022
Location: Cabo Delgado

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