Maintenance Technician


Descrição da Vaga

Contact is recruiting a prestigious multinational company that sells personal protective equipment, a Maintenance Technician (m/f) in Pemba.


  • The collaborator will be responsible for repairing the drone;
  • Being an assistant of the pilots for installation of the drone; fueling the drone;
  • Managing the batteries;
  • Recharging the batteries; learning the operation of the drone on the screens;
  • Assisting with the antenna setup;
  • Looking out during take-off and landing phase for outside intervention;
  • Repairing the electronics;
  • Whatever is needed, being the right-hand man.


  • At least a few years of professional experience;
  • Experience in any of the following fields :
    amateur or professional drone pilot with or without a license but with a bit of experience;
    computer repairs;
  • automobile;
  • electronics;
  • maintenance;
  • IT;
  • low power electrical installation ( CCTV, IT…).
  • Knows how to use precision tools (screwdrivers, pins, soldering, minor electronic boards, connectors, wiring…);
  • Speaks English fluently;
  • Young guy who wants to learn;
  • Dedication and professionalism;
  • Driver license;
  • Local education;
  • Computer literate;
  • Likes electronics / programming / technology;
  • Likes to be a handyman;
  • Likes to be on the field, work with his hands;
  • Mozambican citizenship.

How to Apply?

Os interessados deverão fazer a sua candidatura em https://contact.workable.com, só serão considerados validas, as candidaturas que forem efectuadas no link acima identificado, e desde que estejam preenchidos todos os campos do formulário de registo e anexo o respectivo Curriculum Vitae.

DATA LIMITE DE CANDIDATURA: 23 de Janeiro de 2023.

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